Tuscany natural park: Agriturismo Orgiaglia

Agriturismo Orgiaglia

Natural Parc

Orgiaglia The farm is located at the entrance of the Natural Reserve Berignone - Tatti which covers about 4,000 acres included in the Protected Areas Region of Tuscany.
Direct contact with this great resource regenerates the internal energy and physics, gives the pleasure of discovering nature still intact, widen their cultural baggage.
It is an evergreen forest of Mediterranean houses
- important oak trees oak, holm oak, arbutus, mushrooms and truffles
- species of flora including rare orchids and wild lilies
- many animals observable either directly or through their tracks: roe deer, fallow deer, fox, squirrel, porcupine, badger and various birds;
- minerals, rocks and fossils from the Upper Miocene lacustrine deposits

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For your excursions we can provide you with the map of the territory that includes itineraries on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback:
- Route 2B Dispensa dei Tatti-source of Venella: nature trail and picnic area, signs of human use of the forest: a coal are reconstructed and a hut of lumberjacks.
- route 10 to the Castle of the Bishops, the "Torraccia" X cent, the remains of which still evoke the memory of contention among the medieval Bishops of Volterra and the Commune, the mint Ages.
- the ring that leads to the Castle Luppiano and Orgiaglia.

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