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Agriturismo Orgiaglia


The cosmetic line Paradiso di Toscana is made with extra virgin olive oil and a rich selection of the most effective ingredients for the care and beauty of the body ... all prodotto100% in Tuscany
The combination with essential oils chosen allows to combine the known benefits of Olive oil and its components, including the benefits of aromatherapy with a high capacity and antiaging antioxidant, moisturizing and nourishing

Day face cream:
olive oil present in high percentages gives this cream emollient, moisturizing, soothing and sebum-restoring, increases the elasticity of skin tissue. The active donate hydro-retentive property (retain the share of optimal hydration in the skin). Suitable for all skin types.

Night face cream:
has soothing, softening and sebum. The plant extracts give emollient and nourishing properties for the skin tissue. The active substances protect against oxidative stress and free radical formation. Particularly recommended for the treatment of dry, dehydrated and alipiche.

hand Cream:
Besides the already known properties arising from the oil, this cream has been studied in order to protect the hands from all types of trauma that may strike every day. The presence of propolis and its flavonoids and polyphenols, gives the healing action cream, astringent and antiseptic; also very important beeswax with its film-forming properties and protection from external agents.

body Cream:
the presence of shea butter (which has the highest percentage of unsaponifiable among plants) gives this high emollient cream, antioxidants, firming and nourishing tonic. It protects the skin from dehydration loss of the hydro-lipid film. It is ideal, therefore, for inelastic skin, dry, atonic and for the prevention of wrinkles.

The active ingredients have moisturizing and protective action on the hair. Ne contrast dryness and prevent the formation of split ends. The plant extracts have reparative and protective action against external agents. Essential oils, in addition to perfume, have moisturizing, softening and protective action.

cleansing the body:
The washing base is formed by the action of surfactants gentle but effective, without drying the outer layer of the skin. He then demonstrates activity emollient and moisturizer after washing. Essential oils give tonic activity for blood circulation and stimulating.

washing hair:
Here, too, the surfactants play a gentle scrubbing action without altering or attack the hair structure. Essential oils have a moisturizing, soothing and protective. Give vitality and softness to the hair, improve its comb.

The emollient, seborestituiva, nourishing, moisturizing is the presence of olive oil, shea butter, vegetable extracts. The finely ground almond shells rub off impurities and dead skin cells. The synergy of essential oils of citrus help to stimulate the skin's metabolism, promoting cell renewal, to firm and revitalize the body tissues.

body oil:
It has a mix of vegetable oils and synthetic high affinity with the skin; therefore fails to convey optimally all the active ingredients, and is absorbed without any difficulty. Non-greasy, non-occluded skin; easy its application on the skin.

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