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Agriturismo Orgiaglia


Once upon a time a little girl with blond braids and green eyes, who loved to run with his dog in the fields behind the house, and dreamed of is not out of this story ...
In the wake of her sister, married to a doctor of Siena, is on vacation in Tuscany for many years until, now grown, also brings its Franco.
He was a bank manager with a passion for horses and the kitchen, her, teacher, loved history and pure nature.
Life, says Humbert, led us to Orgiaglia Estate.
We love this magical land with passion and enthusiasm that we have awakened according to the criteria of organic farming.
We believed that was to be left as it was: no intensive crops yields from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but respect for the land as in the past, with the typical local plants: olive trees, sunflowers, wheat, spelled, barley.
In fact Orgiaglia means "Land of Barley" and has always been inhabited and cultivated for centuries because of the quality of the soil.
So this oasis of 100 hectares remained untouched so as to obtain certification 4 stars Aiab biological increasing the olive grove we implemented the project complete chain from the olive oil producing excellent extra virgin olive press directly in our Frantoio "House of Olive ".
It 'nice to discover animal tracks along the paths and in the Natural Reserve of Berignone: following the route of the Two Castles you get to the ruins of Torraccia of Bishops (800 AD) where they were hand-forged gold coins and d' silver rich counting, or walking to the nearby Luppiano built in 1200 on Etruscan foundations.
Yes, because the house Orgiaglia, in 1600, was the country house of the lords of the castle: we have restored maintaining the original architecture, with stone walls, exposed beams and brick. And 'which overlooks the stunning amphitheater of hills, when you look at it, remains pervaded by a sense of peace of heaven on earth and makes you want to stay there on the porch swing to enjoy the cool breeze from the sea and the air perfumed by forests of oak, pines and acacias.
The same emotion they felt the people who came early with the curiosity of discovery and I have been fascinated enough to ask for food and lodging for himself and for friends who advised the same experience.
The glass of red wine and bread and salami that Franco 20 years ago offered with warm hospitality, over the years has turned into a fiasco of Chianti genuine and in many recipes for good food teach directly from two elderly restaurateurs Volterra, following the best Tuscan tradition.
And here we are "pioneers of the farm" still here in the new millennium to welcome old and new friends from all over the world with the same simple and familiar atmosphere ever.
Humbert and Franco with their beautiful daughters, his son and his grandson welcome

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Our first 20 years

On the occasion of our first 20 years of the Estate Orgiaglia want to thank every person visiting that alone, with your partner, with your family and friends lived with us some unforgettable days and weeks ..
Do you understand the efforts to realize our projects and in the meantime you have seen our children grow, and we your children ..
.. we all feel part of a big family that has to house roof the same sky ...
Umberta and Franco, Giulia, Silvia, Annamaria

farm holidays for family in Volterra farm holidays for family in Volterra

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