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Agriturismo Orgiaglia


From 3000 olive trees directly in the mill company we get the excellent extra-virgin olive oil, intense color and harmonious taste and fruity.
Franco and Humbert have restored the ancient olive grove composed of different cultivars typical of Tuscany, cultivated according to organic farming techniques to the total exclusion of chemicals, maintaining a global view of the ecosystem.
The synergy between the special microclimate with the sea wind, the large distance between the plants, the typical rock Volterra called "panchino" is not easy to work with, gives the high quality and great finesse to the final product.
In 2004, upon completion of the project has been activated Frantoio that allows us to have a short supply chain "from the olive oil" tasted the delicious dishes in the Franco goes directly from the producer to the consumer's heart ...!

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It is an integral wildflower honey that has not undergone any heat treatment or addition of sugars, particularly rich in vitamin C thanks to the strawberry and rose hips.
Sunflower, olive blossom, flowers of the Mediterranean forests including heather, on, mastic tree, viburnum, make it rich in vitamins and minerals, fragrant and delicious.
It is creamy and not overly sweet, ideal for spreading on raw cheeses and to sweeten milk and coffee and tea at breakfast.

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