Volterra biofarm: Agriturismo Orgiaglia

Agriturismo Orgiaglia

Bio Farm

Orgiaglia, Etruscan name which means "Land of Barley", is the farm where our family has worked since 1986. It is an estate of one hundred acres that we decided to keep pristine as it always was: no intensive cultivation or chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but absolute respect for the land harmonizing the activities with the balance of nature, so a number of years the land is certified AIAB Italian association for organic farming.

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There is a short supply chain from the olive oil: dall'oliveta to the mill cold up to our table. The hives honey give us untouched. Sunflowers, wheat, spelled, barley, alfalfa sown with organic and acorns of the woods feed the animals we raise the wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer and pheasants, so that their meat is healthier Franco cuisine and tasty. There are meadow, pasture and woods of tall trees which give us scented wood for the fireplace in the kitchen. There are friends horses, Ornella the goat, chickens, pigs of Cinta Senese, the dog and our sweet cats ... A particularly favorable microclimate, altitude about 300 meters and the breeze coming from the sea favor the dry and sunny climate. Humbert is always happy to explain the various reports of this beautiful land, human stories and legends learned in twenty years' ... Orgiaglia. and if not enough ... drive the tractor with Franco or depart on safari ... for adults and children is the best!