Volterra horseback riding: Agriturismo Orgiaglia

Agriturismo Orgiaglia

Horse riding

In a holiday in Tuscany you can not miss the pleasure of hiking through woods, fields and olive groves ... and what a thrill riding horse friend!
The rides are organized both in the week that the weekend by Silvia, Annamaria and Cosimo can be arranged even at the time of booking.

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They live in a large enclosure and are often free at pasture: so they can play, run and download a lot of energy. They are accustomed to the presence of people: you can pet them in their outdoor enclosure, and if you offer a loaf of bread, a carrot or a lump of sugar in an outstretched hand ... conquer these horses sweet tooth!
Baby tour: small tour for children, parents can reassure and take some nice pictures I remember in the company of their wonderful new friend. The inexperienced children are held by an adult, for the guys already capable you can go out for a walk
"Abc Knight": short course to familiarize put in the saddle for those who want to try for the first time or is a beginner and then go for a walk
Walks of varying lengths and difficulty, from 1 to 3 hours, accompanied by a guide on a farm or in the park.
Get to know ...
It is a female horse bay color, has a fast gallop, gallop uphill loves, his eyes very sweet and the character to be first woman made ??her heart beat faster with many abducted children and that of Cosimo ...
It is a female horse, sorrel, she likes to trot quickly and never tires is very funny! Like all avellinesi is very durable and average tonnage.
It is a female horse of white color, just like the horse of the famous cartoon character, has a long wheelbase and a trot very soft, is too soft and she likes to do to open-line.
LILLI the mini pony
It is a female pony, the smallest of the group, has a soft white nose ... is a sweetheart ...

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